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Traditional Chinese Medicine with Brittany

Supporting women with conception, to thrive during pregnancy, prepare for an empowering birth & feel nourished postnatally.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient healing system focusing on balance, harmony & energy. The theory behind this system of medicine is that energy or "Qi" flows through channels in the body called meridians. If the flow of Qi becomes blocked imbalance, illness & disorders can occur. Some examples of imbalances Brittany treats in her practice are: difficulty conceiving, recurrent miscarriage, painful or irregular periods, back pain, morning sickness during pregnancy, fatigue, anxiety, and postpartum depletion among so much more.

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Registered Acupuncturists use therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping & gua sha to encourage balance within. Their goal is to treat the whole person; mind, body & emotions. Brittany has a passion for women's health and uses TCM modalities to support women travelling through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum & motherhood.

Brittany has completed the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Registered Acupuncturist program at CITCM in Calgary, AB 2022 as well as additional training in Orthopaedic Sports Acupuncture and is certified in Cosmetic Acupuncture. She is currently on maternity leave from the clinic, having given birth to her daughter this past April 2022. She is however still offering virtual herbalism appointments for individuals and businesses which you can book with the link below! Brittany is planing to return to clinical offerings Spring 2023 at Cochrane Family Chiropractic but until then you can follow her on instagram for all things TCM & motherhood at @doctormamabear

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